Marron Mania

THE annual marron season is all but over, but it has been another successful one for WA’s legion of recreational marron fishers. The season opened on January 8 and finishes tomorrow, February 5.

It’s always a highlight of the year for those who love to chase a feed of WA’s iconic freshwater crayfish in the rivers and streams of our South-West.

Marron can actually be found as far north as Northampton and marroning is a time-honoured pastime in the bottom half of the state, with good reason.

In recent years our marron have had to endure falling rainfall and resultant dropping water levels, illegal fishing, and more worryingly, habitat destruction and diminishing water quality, causing plenty of concerns about their long-term future.

With that in mind, the marron seasons these days are short and tightly controlled. The result is sustainable fishing for around 20,000 marron licence holders and there have been reports of good hauls this season.

Fishers wanting to test their skills with a snare have been done well at the snare-only waters of Big Brook Dam, Drakes Brook Dam, Glen Mervyn Dam, Logue Brook Dam and Wellington Dam. Those who prefer drop nets have been able to ply their trade in rivers such as the Collie, Warren, Donnelly, Blackwood, Capel and Preston, to name but a few likely locations.

Recreational fishers have an important role to play towards maintaining a sustainable fishery in abiding by all the rules that apply, including bag and size limits and returning all berried (with eggs) females to the water immediately.

Marron in net