Safety First on Esperance Rocks

Esperance reached a major milestone and received a much needed boost in safety over the weekend with 30 rock anchor points installed in high risk fishing locations.

The South East Coast Fishing Council (SEFC) along with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, the Shire of Esperance and the Shire of Ravensthorpe banded together with the help of All Lift Services to make this important safety improvement happen on the South Coast.

SEFC member Graham Cooper said the effort to install 30 rock anchor points in just two days was huge, especially considering the travelling required.

“Shore based fishing is a huge past time on the South Coast and we want to make it as safe as possible for recreational fishers” Mr Cooper said.

The installation of these rock anchor points is the first stage in upgrading safety at key fishing locations and comes with added good news that an additional 10 Angel Rings and over 20 safety signs are about to be installed in the coming weeks in Esperance and Ravensthorpe at identified high risk locations.

Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland praised the great work being carried out in Esperance and thanked all involved for their efforts to make their community safer.

“This is a great demonstration of the local community coming together to make fishing safer and all those involved should be congratulated”, Dr Rowland said.

Recfishwest leads a state-wide Rock Fishing Safety Strategy which has previously seen rock fishing safety equipment installed at the dangerous Salmon Holes in Albany along with equipment about to be installed in Shark Bay.

Recfishwest advocates for sustainable, enjoyable and safe fishing and policies that ensure long term benefits to all recreational fishers.

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